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Google Similar Images: A Great Way to Inspire!

We all google for inspiration now a days. When is comes to searching for design ideas, google’s similar images is a usefeul tool to filter your results.

I was looking for clean cut grey and white bedroom design inspiration. I simply typed in “bedroom,” then chose options to filter the results—in order to find the exact color, image size, and context of the search results.

10-26-2009 3-58-17 PM

Below you’ll see that I chose Large in the drop down menu (so that only large image sizes would be shown). I like to see the detailed photos of bedrooms, where the image is high res.

I also selected Photo Content (so that I would only be shown photos, not articles, pictures of people, etc.)

Lastly, you can choose a Color ( I chose grey). That way, there won’t be a rainbow of colored bedrooms shown in the results.



10-26-2009 3-52-33 PM

Using this tool, I was able to find what I was looking for  faster— and with less scrolling through pages and pages of results!

I found a high res image of a clean white and grey bedroom that I can use as inspiration.




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