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Timeless Historical Colors for Interiors

When choosing the colors for my home’s interior walls, I have been giving some good thought to historical colors.

I came across this really intriguing advertisement displaying 12 popular Evercote house paint colors from the early 20th century.


There is something pleasant about the rich, substancial colors, and about historical preservation. They can add to any interior room’s timelessness.




Want to see the BEST small bedroom design ideas?


The striped pattern of this modern bedroom above is shabby chic, using timeless peach.

Want to perfect the art of decorating with accent pillows and home goods? Look here.


This pale lime-sage color will charm a farm house style, as well as a modern dwelling.

Shermin-Williams has presented these “retro” colors for the Fall 2009. This color palette from the 50’s is now bringing a nostalgic, yet trendy flare to interior walls:


There is a way to design your kitchen (see image below), so that it’s appeareance withstands decades (even centuries!).


The numerous perks about creating timeless interiors, include not only the sound re-sale value, but the versitility of only needing to make minor changes to the interior of your home. The kitchen about is a solid design that will withstand time.


The stone Whitfield home shown above is an example (and metaphor) of the concept of timlessness . Structurally, and aesthetically; it withstands time.

10-26-2009 2-55-17 PM



2 thoughts on “Timeless Historical Colors for Interiors

  1. Hi,
    Is there any way to find out the name of the company that makes the peach floral bedspread and throw pillows, and white bedding in the photo on your site? It’s a white bed, with a peach throw, and striped walls. We are very interested in the bedding.

    Posted by Karen | January 30, 2011, 12:06 pm


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