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Accent Your Rooms!

When it comes to accenting your sacred space called home, a little splash of color, texture, or scent can go a long way!

I personally have an addiction to a little place called Home Goods. If you are from New England, you are in luck. They are in atleast every shopping plaza, adjacent to a partner TJMAXX or Marshalls. Not only will you find rare, electic decor at Home Goods, but cheap price tags too.





Above you will see some “home goods,” such as vintage frames, patterned furniture, one of a kind lamps, and pillows of every style.


A pillow and throw rug dress up any drab room. They tend to make neutral rooms feel warm and cozy!


Mix and match throw pillows will allow your personality to shine through your living space.


Three framed & matted photographs on the wall add to the cohesive design elements of this room.



Above, a bathroom fully decorated by Home Goods accesorries, towels, and restored vanities.


Simple contracts between line, texture & objects bring an inviting & calm atmosphere into the simple living room design above.



6 thoughts on “Accent Your Rooms!

  1. If only more people could hear about this..

    Posted by Erma Boone | May 27, 2010, 9:36 am


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