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High Quality Graphic Design, Fine Art Painting & Interior Design

For High Quality Graphic Design, Fine Art Painting & Interior Design, head over to my personal website. Advertisements

Simple Steps, FAST Results: How I lost 6 pounds in three days!

STRETCH & EAT LESS Diet It made me cringe in December to think about the first day of the new year approaching and all of the over-enthusiastic women that would be soon flocking the local gym. SO, instead of renewing that gym membership, I began my STRETCH & EAT LESS Diet. It’s fantastic. It’s easy. … Continue reading

A Tribute to another Homebody Designer!

I recently stumbled upon the blog “It’s Great to Be Home” and fell in love! As an interior design nut myself, and recent home renovator, I was highly interested in browsing through Liz’s (we also share a name) blog articles. Below are some wonderful spreads that she has created for clients: I am a HUGE fan … Continue reading

[Early] Spring Cleaning! Minimalist Bedrooms & Nooks

Make it your new year’s resolution to be RID OF CLUTTER! The minimalist way, is the healing way. For calm interiors, with clean, refreshing spring air —- are simple designs. See below for inspirations. Open the windows! (Well…maybe wait until the birds fly back north) But remember to keep your designs fresh! Let the sunlight in. … Continue reading

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