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Simple Steps, FAST Results: How I lost 6 pounds in three days!


It made me cringe in December to think about the first day of the new year approaching and all of the over-enthusiastic women that would be soon flocking the local gym. SO, instead of renewing that gym membership, I began my STRETCH & EAT LESS Diet.

It’s fantastic.

It’s easy.

The results come FAST.

Here’s the scoop:

1. Skip SUGAR in your coffee
2. Do Simple Yoga Stretches at Night
3. Eat Veggies Raw for Lunch, Cooked for Dinner
4. Choose Lean Meats (chicken & pork)
5. Don’t Starve yourself, Portion yourself –

6. Park Further Away at Store/Work & Take the Stairs!
7. Do 40-60 crunchies before Bed

A Breakdown of My Past Three Days:

<Sunday night (Jan. 3rd), I began doing simple yoga stretches. The next morning I would begin my new diet. I also hopped on the digital scale to document my weight.>

Monday (Jan. 4th), I started off the day with an oatmeal breakfast* and a cup of coffee fat free half&half  and NO SUGAR.
***Eating breakfast is crucial to weight loss and  gets your metabolism going and helps BURN calories throughtout day.***
Salad w/ Olive Oil Vinegarette for lunch, Hummus & 10 Pita chips for snack, Eggplant & Chicken w/ Tomatoes for dinner, Sugar Free pudding for snack

Weighed myself at night: 2.5 lbs DOWN!

Tuesday  (Jan. 5th) Cheerios for Breakafast, Raw Veggies for Lunch, Apple for snack, StirFry for dinner, Sugar Free Pudding for Snack

Weighed myself in morning: 4.5 lbs Total DOWN!

Wednesday (Jan. 6th) Cheerios for Breakfast, Yogurt & a  whole Kiwi for Lunch, lean porkchop, brocolli & 1/2 rice for dinner, tortillas & fresh salsa (literally home made salsa) for snack

Weighed myself at night: 6 lbs Total DOWN!


And now it’s already Thursday and I am feeling more motivated than ever to get these 15 pounds off!!!!


Breakfast Meal Suggestions:

Lunch Meal Suggestions:


Dinner Meal Suggestions:

Snack Suggestions:
(Great for late afternoon or late night watching TV)



2 thoughts on “Simple Steps, FAST Results: How I lost 6 pounds in three days!

  1. This is really helpful. Thank you!

    Posted by Sharon Johnson | January 7, 2010, 8:22 pm

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